Manufacturers of sandblast equipment and spares
Suppliers of sand grit, glass beads and shot to
industry and the general public since 1960


Used in the automotive industry for cleaning cylinder heads, engine blocks, brake components, CV joints, carburettors and electrical components. In the etching of glass, utilising some form of computer cut stencil and for cleaning moulds and press dies to name but a few. Of the many applications, where aluminium oxide, glass beads or steel grit is the blasting medium.

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Our range of pressure blast cleaning machines are used by shipyards, mines, foundries, monumental masons, painting contractors, in fact any industry that requires the cleanest possible surface for painting. Most dry abrasives can be used such as slag, aluminium oxide, glass beads and steel grit.

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Suction Equipment

Either as complete units or as replacement guns in cabinets, the Spartan suction guns have been replacing imported equipment for years, used for any small application around the home, especially Vintage cars and bikes and decorative blasting on mirrors and glass. Also in industry where smaller application or component blasting does not warrant the use of pressure blasting.

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Hire Machines Available.

Sandblasting Services Offered.

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